American Dad: "LGBSteve"

Wed, Aug 24 2016 07:35am CDT 1
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I just saw the American Dad episode "LGBSteve" where Steve pretends to be a butch gay girl to get on the roller derby team. Hayley urges him to confront the girls (especially one he was dating, Devin) andconfess to being a boy.

So, he does, and they all say they knew. One of them even said, "Having a penis doesn't make him a boy!" Then they suggested to him that he might be a girl trapped in a boy's body. He says, "but I like girls!" Then they said "we all do". "You mean I'm a lesbian in a boy's body?"

So, he goes home to ponder on it with the unfortunate help from Roger (who wanted to saw his thing off). Well, in the end, Steve proclaims that he is, indeed, a boy. Instead of doing something meaningful and progressive with the story, the writers make his entire gender crisis meaningless.

You could have done something amazing, American Dad and TBS, but nooo... Instead, you create a narrative that makes trans people look like we're confused. Well done.

Tue, Sep 6 2016 03:18pm CDT 2
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I have to agree with you!

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