Don't Agitate... Deliberate!

Tue, Sep 8 2015 10:44am CDT 1
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I think it’s far more civil and mature to try to help someone understand something that they may not agree with you on instead of throwing assumptions at them and condemning them for thinking differently. Just because you are passionately certain about something doesn’t mean it’s the only way to approach an issue.

A person isn’t stupid, hateful or worthy of condemnation for having a different opinion. We all perceive the world through our own unique lenses. To live in a world of uniform thought would be boring and depressing.

I express this point as I am probably more of a free-thinker than most free-thinkers. My views on everything are less derived from emotional response, and more from the process of reason. I’m not insensitive, though. Helping people and striving for a better world are a huge part of my life.

I observe the same issue as everyone else, under the same light; but from our individual angles the shadows seem to cast in different directions. I see the nuances from this side, and you see them from that side.

Are either of us wrong? No. Are either of us in need of refining our mental lenses? Not necessarily. Should we share with each other our observations from our specific positions around the issue and attempt to understand and appreciate them? Absolutely.

Reinforcing our biases through unnecessary conflict isn’t how we solve the issue at hand, whatever it may be. Instead, we ratify our differences by finding their synergy, or we accept them each as valid despite any possible disharmony.

If I can sit here and posit this philosophy of mature discourse and practise it in my daily life, you are just as capable. I give everyone a chance, because we all deserve at least one. We are all capable of being kind and decent, even when we’re fighting against bigotry and injustice, and even when our methods aren’t complementary. We have the same goal in mind, so let’s stop warring against each other.

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