Fri, Aug 7 2015 10:34am CDT 1
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Just found this site today when Google searching "butch trans women" and found a video by the site creator.

The reason for me search, and subsequent joining if this site, is because the community around me is mostly made up of gender stereotypical Trans* people. 99% of the men are masculine and 99% of the women are feminine. There seems to be very little other variance in the community.

Alot if what was said in one of Jo-I-Dunno's videos is how I feel.

I'm a gamer first and formost and I used to like making things with my hands, but have not had the opportunity to do so for some time.

I hope this community is still active and I can find friend's, a community, and more about myself here.
Tue, Aug 11 2015 05:53pm CDT 2
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I'm glad you're able to relate with my videos. I wish I could say this site's active... but it's pretty quiet. I keep it alive because I think it makes people feel better simply knowing it exists. It makes me feel good to go to the members page and realize, if nothing else, I made at least 50 people feel slightly less strange and alone.

If you want to talk, and are prepared to wait several days between responses, please feel free to keep posting!

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