Being a gay trans woman is a bitch...

Fri, Jul 24 2015 01:38pm CDT 1
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Not only is my dating pool tiny (especially since I'm asexual and homo-romantic), I seem to bewilder people for what I'm attracted to.

I’ve always had an attraction to butch and “soft butch” women. Some might say, “so why not just date a guy?” Uhhh… because it’s not about masculinity 100%. If you’re a man, there’s a certain attitude and chemistry there that just doesn’t work with me.

Butch or femme, a woman is a woman. There may be differences of style and personality between them, but that doesn’t change the essence of being a woman. I just happen to like the butch or androgynous ones. Even as a kid my crushes were on the more tomboyish actresses like Christina Ricci and Janeane Garofalo. I’m a lezzie in a less desirable body. Get over it. :P

Tue, Jul 28 2015 06:36am CDT 2
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I know exactly what you mean. All my preferences are very close to yours and I've come to similar conclusions. Though I've never actually tried dating, so my impressions could be totally wrong.

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