Reconciling Hostility

Fri, May 1 2015 01:01pm CDT 1
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In one of my forums I ended up getting into a slightly heated debate on the issue of racism. Their perspective is pretty much identical to the person who dumped me last month. Some harsh words were said from both of us. Not outright insults, just subtle allusions that basically translated to "you're a fucking moron."

But I did something I haven't really done before, and that's contact the person directly (rather than on a forum thread) and attempt to make peace with them; to have a truce. To my surprise, they complied.

I really don't like ending on a sour note no matter our differences. We both believe in the same end goal, we just have different experiences and perspectives. Whether or not either of us agree with each other we need to be able to be allies for a greater good. We need to be able to compromise our strategies and blend our philosophies. That's how new ideas are born.

Unfortunately, reconciling with the person I dated is out of the question. I am open to it, but it was her choice to "remove me from her life". So, if I'm going to be treated that way then I'm going to play along and deflect their ability to contact me.

I'm not someone to be played, and it's unfair that I am kicked aside when I did nothing wrong. If you want me out of your life, then you've got it, lady. I can disappear with a dark finesse.

Anyway, it was nice to have a positive victory today. :)

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