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A simple question: “Who are you?”

How do you identify your entire being? Do you see only your body? Do you feel that perhaps your body is simply a vessel for the being of consciousness inside? Are there levels to your self-awareness? Who is the wholeness that is You?

I like to break it down into layers:

  • The Physical — describing oneself based on how you interpret
    your own physical element; the good, the bad, the meh.
  • The Mental — describing oneself from Left Brain consciousness;
    how do you make sense of who you are through a rational lens?
    What adds up to you and what doesn’t?
  • The Emotional — describing oneself from Right Brain consciousness;
    how do you make sense of who you are through an abstract lens?
    What feels the most intuitive?
  • The Spiritual — describing oneself from a perspective beyond the
    cerebral hemispheres; what purpose do you feel you have no matter
    how big or small? What would you consider the “higher power” guiding
    you (it could be God, Nature, The Universe, or whatever you like), and
    how does that reflect your inner sense of Self?
  • The Whole — describing oneself by taking into account the previous
    layers and merging them into the single essence of who you are; how do
    all of these things come together to shape the magnificent You?

Dig deep, take your time, and explore the nuances of what defines your essence from surface to soul. Self-awareness is vital to self-mastery.

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