Tue, Apr 21 2015 09:05am CDT 1
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Hello to all my name is Demitra and i feel some time that i am more butch trans person than femme.
Thu, Apr 30 2015 04:03pm CDT 2
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Hey, Demitra! Welcome to the forum!

I would say we all know how you feel. It's hard for most people to understand — and it's probably the most confusing of identities in the transverse — but it's so simple to us: we basically have the brain of a lesbian inside an ill-fitted vessel. We still feel that element of femininity (which has nothing to do with being girly, wearing pink and high heels, etc), but we express ourselves outwardly in a more masculine way. It just makes perfect sense to us, and fuck anyone who wants to criticize that! :)

I would probably be considered more like "soft butch", because I do enjoy more feminine clothing. I like camisoles, maxi skirts, cardigans, and leggings; but I don't really care for dresses, heels, blouses and so on. Check out my Pinterest for the kind of stuff I like: https://www.pinterest.com/illuminesss

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