A question regarding transphobia by cis women

Thu, Apr 16 2015 03:04pm CDT 1
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I inquired to be a moderator for the Tumblr page Dear Cis People, and was required to answer this question as a deciding factor on whether or not I'm fit for the job:

"Why is it/isn’t it transphobic if a cis woman doesn’t want to date trans women?"

This was my answer: To me, it would be transphobic if a cis woman refuses to date a trans woman because she doesn't believe they are genuinely women. To refuse to date a trans woman because of the issue of genitalia is understandable, because for most people sex is very important. A gay woman is not going to find a penis attractive. If the trans woman is post-op and is still refused, then it is probably still an issue in the cis woman's mind that the trans woman is inauthentic.

How would you answer it?

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