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Original Post I saw a therapist for aabout a year when I was 17/18. I didn't feel like we were getting anywhere, so I starting pressing him with questions about hormones. He told me if I could find a doctor willing to do hormones, then we'd talk. I found the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago, which has an Informed Consent program instead of the Standards of Care, and I started hormones without even talking to me therapist. He then told me he couldn't see me anymore. To be honest, I think he was bluffing; he wasn't ever going to write me a letter because he didn't consider me a "real transsexual".

I'm not saying don't see a therapist. On the contrary, I think I myself would greatly benefit from seeing a good therapist. But they're expensive, particularly the few who know how to deal with gender stuff.

Here's a site that talks about the concept of informed consent:

If you're from Staten Island, maybe you should checkout the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. They supposedly have an Informed Consent program:

FYI, HRT can be very cheap. It costs me $16 for a 3 month supply via my mail pharmacy.

Thanks for the info Jo-I-Dunno especially the pricing on hormones. That would be easy and inexpensive to maintain. My only obstacle is finding the right therapist and most of them I called in NYC, do not handle transgender subjects, most of them handle OCD and related subjects, but I did find a few around my area and my local SI LGBT center did recommend me for Callen-Lorde on W. 18th St. in Manhattan.

My workplace is currently changing health plans from Oxford to Aetna (which does have a comprehensive Gender Dysphoria details on ICD, etc. compared to Oxford (I may be wrong) and I'm waiting on my new card which has lower co-pays. Yes, therapists can be expensive. I'm going to still save and plan to use my tax refund (I claim "0" as always every year, so I get a big return on my forms) as money for gender therapist and Estrogen and Spiro. So for me Spring and Summer 2015 is a good time to transition. I cannot wait though, but patience is the way for this.

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