HRT Process

Wed, Dec 3 2014 02:32pm CST 1
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I'm currently in process of saving my money prior to taking HRT in about 5 months.
My next step is to see a gender therapist around beginning of Feb 2015,
first for a session regarding my gender dysphoria.

Does anyone how based on their experiences how many sessions to see gender therapist prior to getting an official letter for Estrogen and Spironolactone.
Wed, Dec 3 2014 05:35pm CST 2
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I saw a therapist for aabout a year when I was 17/18. I didn't feel like we were getting anywhere, so I starting pressing him with questions about hormones. He told me if I could find a doctor willing to do hormones, then we'd talk. I found the Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago, which has an Informed Consent program instead of the Standards of Care, and I started hormones without even talking to me therapist. He then told me he couldn't see me anymore. To be honest, I think he was bluffing; he wasn't ever going to write me a letter because he didn't consider me a "real transsexual".

I'm not saying don't see a therapist. On the contrary, I think I myself would greatly benefit from seeing a good therapist. But they're expensive, particularly the few who know how to deal with gender stuff.

Here's a site that talks about the concept of informed consent:

If you're from Staten Island, maybe you should checkout the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. They supposedly have an Informed Consent program:

FYI, HRT can be very cheap. It costs me $16 for a 3 month supply via my mail pharmacy.

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