Hi from France

Mon, Aug 4 2014 12:30am CDT 1
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I am a Asperger 31 years, and my life is very sad.

Since years, I search a doctor who can help me.

Nobody understand me, family and other peoples.

My goal is to have a hormonotherapy and a laser epilation.

I dont want to crossdress, because it sicken me.

Beside i am very masculine but i want a feminine body

Sometimes, suicide is on my mind.

I search other people in same case.
Tue, Aug 5 2014 10:08pm CDT 2
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Hi Evangeline! We're happy to have you here. It makes me sad to hear that you're struggling. I hope finding this website is helping you somehow. Please feel free to share anything that's on you're mind.
Tue, Aug 5 2014 10:52pm CDT 3
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Since i like to be alone, i dont have many friends.

My parents dont understand nor respect my identity gender.

I have no job because i dont want to have one.

And people under estimate because i am autiste.

I have bad experience from doctors.

Many trans people are too conformist, not me

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