What's with all the cis hate?

Wed, Jul 23 2014 12:17pm CDT 1
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I see a lot of it on Tumblr. I think if you're not making it obvious for others that you're not your assigned gender such as going out with a beard and makeup while people call you ″sir″, and then show hostility because of it, then you really have no grasp on reality. It's one thing to ask friends and family to respect your identity, because these are people you know, but to include all cis people under an umbrella of hate because a few strangers didn't read your mind or instantly get it, that's just self-righteous crap to me. If you want people to understand gender diversity then you educate them with the tolerance and love that you expect from them. You have to be the better example, or there will just be further and further division.
Wed, Jul 23 2014 05:44pm CDT 2
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Agreed. I've experimented with kindly telling strangers "actually, I'm a woman" a couple times, and they get super apologetic like they just broke the law or something, and I just cheerfully respond, "It's fine, I get it all the time." They have no real way of knowing, and I'm not going to accost them for making an easy mistake.

Most of the time I'm just too lazy to correct anyone though, because I honestly don't care.

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