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Hi. I'm Nat. I'm a graduate student. I've been on hormones for over a year, and I still have yet to be gendered female, although I wonder about a few times where I presented just a little feminine. I'm hoping to come out at work within the next few months before I graduate.

I call myself butch-ish instead of butch, because of some internal stuff I have with calling myself butch when I am 1) bisexual, and 2) somewhat into eyeliner and women's coats. This is not a standard I am going to apply to anyone else, it's just something I need to figure out for myself.

I mentioned women's coats. I actually have a thing for coats in general. Maybe I'll post a photo of me wearing a replica of Ryan Gosling's coat from the movie Drive.

I am so glad to find this site. Even if there are only 16 of us, that is 15 more butch trans women to talk to than I had before. Thank you Jo.
Thu, Mar 20 2014 08:09am CDT 2
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Hi Nat! Welcome to the site.

You mean the coat with the scorpion design on it? Awesome.
Fri, Mar 21 2014 09:39am CDT 3
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wlecome Nat,
I wish you good luck on comeing out it was hard on me.
I wish you best of luck

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