Collecting toys.

Sat, Mar 8 2014 03:53am CST 1
worlds weirdest transgirl
worlds weirdest transgirl
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I'm a little bit emarassed to admit this, but all my life I've been collecting toys espically transformers, I really love having something in my hands that I can fiddle with and have fun doing it, I also like lego when I get the time to sit down and make something, most of the reason I'm making this post is to see if anyone else on here dose this as well, and if so what keeps you doing it?
Wed, Mar 12 2014 05:16pm CDT 2
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I'm a bit OCD so when I'm certain I'm done with something, I sell it or throw it away. Many toys have come and gone in my life. However, I'm planning to buy my first home soon, and I can't think of anything better to decorate it with than toys! I'm thinking mostly Legos and models and high-end action figures. So long as they're serving a purpose, even if that purpose is just to be on display, I'll be more than happy to keep them.

I like putting stuff together according to instructions but I hate taking things apart or doing things free form. I'm like the bad guy in the Lego Movie. Tongue out

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