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Hey, my name's Jade. I'm 18, live in Canada and have been transitioning as male-to-female for a year and 3 months. I don't feel butch as in the role of masculinity, however I feel as though I fit closer to non-gendered roles instead. I'm very hesitant about styling myself closer to a non-gendered role for fear of being misgendered as a male.

So, about my life. I'm going through some late highschool and on a weekly basis facilitate a youth group called 'Trans Youth London', named after the city I live in. I've had quite a journey since I've come out. I was kicked out by my mother, moved in with my grandparents (who live in the country), and moved out on my own. At this time, I live with 6 roommates and have been coming to terms with my life and settling into my own set style.
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Hi Jade! Sorry I took a week to respond (I'm on vacation right now). Welcome to the site.

I can relate to the non-gendered feeling. In a perfect world, it's how I'd identify too, but most people just don't even recognize that as a possibility, and I'd rather identify as female than male, so that's what I tell people I am if they ask.

Again, welcome to the site.

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