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Fri, Dec 6 2013 05:55am CST 1
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(First of all I am dyslexic so sorry if I have any miss spelling)

As of now I am going to keep all my information about my location and birth name secret.
for now you can call me Olivia Green, I really love this name for more than one reason, first of all it is the name of one of the main character in my favorit TV show (fringe), second I love olives and Olivia is based on it, and last it just sounds so good.

I am Transgender MTF and bisexual, also bleave as "Jo" that I am a MTF Butch.
Although I know that I am 19 years old and I can make my own decisions I have still not tried to transition, because of my family.

so how did I get to this point.
I was born in the middle east raised in catholic family, and taught that LGBT are bad people over the years I new that I had some lgbt in me and it made me hate my self for while.
then one day I walk up and started seening how stupid my culture was and started accepting my self. then I got to go to the USA and study now I am in college studing and I am trying to make future for my self.

I wish I can become full female but I can not, not now.

However I really like guy stuff from games to movies to cloth ect... but I really want to be a female so badly. I hope one day I do not have to hide my identity because I am from bad country.
Fri, Dec 6 2013 08:41am CST 2
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Hi Olivia! Thanks for coming to this site. I'm glad to meet you.

It can be hard when your family refuses to accept who you really are, and even harder living in a country where there's nowhere else to turn. I'm glad you're in the USA and attending school. Depending on where you are in the US, you can usually find plenty of supportive people, and having a higher education and financial independence will give you infinitely more options in the future no matter what you decide to do with your life.

I wish you the best with everything. Laughing
Fri, Dec 6 2013 10:27pm CST 3
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thank you.
Also I really like this site. you did nice Job on it.
I really do think that there should be place for people like us to speak, I did not think that some people are like me I always thought that if I am MTF then I should not like male stuff but that is what I like the most.
I hope we get more people to join us.
I will try to tell people like us to see this website although you are the first I knew.

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