A place to talk about your hobbies. What do you like to do when you're not talking about how awesome it is to be an MTF butch?
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Normal Topic Video Gaming
Started By timmie
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I was always into games growing up, but no trends I could easily ...View
Latest poster: timmie 3 years ago
Normal Topic Martial Arts
Started By Maia
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Woops forgot to start this off *ahem* I don't actively practice any ...View
Latest poster: Maia 3 years ago
Normal Topic Photography
Started By Karen
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Other then the stereotypical use of pink it is a very spiritual color for ...View
Latest poster: Lynn 4 years ago
Normal Topic Collecting toys.
Started By worlds weirdest transgirl
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I'm a bit OCD so when I'm certain I'm done with something, I sell it or ...View
Latest poster: Jo-I-Dunno 4 years ago