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A place to introduce yourself to the MTF Butch community.
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"Welcome, welcome, sorry but this place tends to be pretty dead most of the " - worlds weirdest transgirl
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Links to external resources you find interesting that relate to being an MTF butch.
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"I'm on there myself and I can second that." - Maia
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A place to talk about clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, etc., and the unique challenges they present to MTF butches.
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"I read what you published, I recently played a game and you want to share w" - shuaibi
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General Discussion
A general discussion for topics that don't fit in any of the other categories.
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"I have to agree with you! " - Tiazinha
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A place to talk about your hobbies. What do you like to do when you're not talking about how awesome it is to be an MTF butch?
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"" - Illuminess
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Intellectual discussion! Who are we? Why are we the way we are? What can we do to increase support and spread awareness?
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"People talk about "toxic masculinity", but hostile aggression and abuse are" - River
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A place to discuss the unique challenges MTF butches face when it comes to relationships, dating, and love.
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"I'm not taking HRT yet (sad face), so I don't have that kind of experience." - SororCaeli
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A place to talk about your personal stories, whether it be your life story, a fun anecdote, or anything in-between.
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"My friend James expressed " - αrιɴ тнe pнreɴιc нeх
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